Tuesday, December 23, 2008

'bout time!

Well... ever since I started this blog, many moons ago, I'd been hinting about my next new sculpt- a thoroughbred. I'm happy to say that I've finally started her! She doesn't look like much yet- her wire is still showing (how embarrassing!). Her pose was inspired by a partially-finished sketch I did during a morning workout at Santa Anita. (You can actually see the sketch on my website here.) It's amazing just how many projects just kept taking precedence over starting a new sculpture, but my goal was to get her going this month, and I've managed that- with a few days to spare! Now the trick is going to be working on her along with my other stuff, but I think I can handle that. Sculpting takes a different mindset to ceramic production, and I find it the difference refreshing. Oddly enough, my mind works better when it is being stretched in different directions. Helps to keep me creative. Getting back to the topic on hand, here's a look at her "glamor" side. She is going to be a small classic scale piece, when she's finished.

Anywho, speaking of new sculptures, here's a sneak look into my damp-box... I'm happy to say that my little mini foal has been molded! Yup- she needs a bit of cleaning, firing, painting, and glazing, and then I'll be ready to debut her! Look for that announcement early in 2009... (Though I may post some more pics here first!).

Okay! That's all for now! Happy Advent & Happy Hanukkah to y'all!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Etsy Shop!

Things are being listed on my brand-spanking, shiny new Etsy shop! Please go here for further Art Sale purchases:


Thank you!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Fall Art Sale!

Hey there, hi there! Happy Fall for a little while longer! I am pleased to present to you a selection of fine goodies from Velasquez Artistry. I don't quite have everything here, but this is most of it! A few more items will be added tomorrow in the new Etsy store, plus, there will be (if his last firing goes all right!) a very spotty Jitterbug POA CM up on my website tomorrow too!

How this works: Visit my Etsy store (link above) if you are interested in any of the remaining pieces. Thanks!

Now finally- the Art! (click images for larger pictures!)

Our Newest Pin/Pendant- The Ginkgo Leaf!
It's a pin... No! It's a pendant! It's whichever you want them to be! Just let me know. I have nine of these art-glazed guys. If you want a pin, I will attach a clasp; if you want a pendant, I won't. You will need to provide the chain. They do hang nicely!

New too! Bird Silhoutte Pendants!
In Chickadee or Finch styles. Hand cut clay, painted & art glazed for a bronzy/greeny fleck effects! They will have either gold-plated or silver-plated jump rings attached (let me know which one you'd prefer), but you will need to provide the chain (or cord) to hang them from. But they are super cute, and come in lots of colors! Please specify which letter you are interested in.

This is how they will arrive:

Thoroughbred Pins!
$35 ppd.
In Thoroughbredy colors! Let me know which letter you are interested in! I really ought to take better pics of these though- I was having major glare issues!

CM Rat Pins! ALL SOLD!
Thought I'd throw a few of these guys in! I lowered the price a bit, as I quite forgot how strong that pink concept paint can be- they have very pink tails! Let me know which letter you are interested in!

Blue Poison Dart Frogs! $50 ppd. BOTH SOLD!
I went with the same color on these two guys, for simplicity's sake, but I will eventually be making more in other colors!


"Autumn Ginkgo"
9 x 12 Acrylic, Cut Paper, Colored Pencil
Ginkgo trees turn a lovely gold in the fall, and I've tried to capture the essence of that in this piece.


4x 4 Acrylic, Cut Paper, Colored Pencil
A mini collage, ready to hang!

"Wasn't Me" $18 ppd. SOLD
4x 4 Acrylic, Cut Paper, Colored Pencil
Another mini collage. Cats never do anything wrong, you know.

"Nun-Finch Reflections"
4x 4 Acrylic, Cut Paper, Colored Pencil
Yet another mini collage, ready to hang!

"Mud Pony Queen"
4x 4 Acrylic, Cut Paper, Colored Pencil
Show your status as a mud-fancier with this mini!

Tiles! Yay!

"Tiptoe through the Poppies"
6 x 6 unframed, hand-painted original tile. $90 ppd. ON HOLD
Somehow, this feels like it belongs in a picture-book...

6 x 6 framed, hand-painted original tile.
A Stellar Jay, with a fun experimental background of blue, jade, and bronze flecks.

"Rat Nap" ON HOLD
4 x 4 unframed, hand-painted original tile. $45 ppd.
This guy was giving me a bit of trouble, but I almost got him where I wanted him... The surface of the rat is slightly rough, hence the lower price.

"The Merry Shrubbery"
4 x 4 framed, hand-painted original tile.
A whimsical piece!

"Daisy Chin"
4 x 4 unframed, hand-painted original tile.
Pretty with a daisy!

4 x 4 unframed, hand-painted original tile.
I am on a winter-bird kick. The background is a grey art glaze.

"A Good Book"
6 x 6 framed, hand-painted original tile. $95 ppd. ON HOLD
I caught my cat sleeping like this once... now it's a tile!

That's all for now! Check here for an Etsy link tomorrow! Thanks so much!

Getting There!

Hi again! The sale will happen today, but just wanted to give a heads up that the soonest I will be posting anything is noon, PST. I've got too much scanning & photo editing to do! Wish I was a bit faster at it, but there ya go. In the meantime here is a quick (i.e. not so great) photo I snapped of one of the collages... Yes, you *are* seeing a pattern here... I can't help it! I like Ginkgoes! :)