Monday, December 10, 2007

Painting & Glazing

Howdy, folks! Hope this holiday season is going along merrily for you! I know it has taken me some time, but here, finally, is my painting & glazing demo with pictures. This is just a basic overview of the process for interested parties. I will try to explain it well enough that anyone might understand; please let me know if you have any questions!

First step- Begin with a bisque horse! Although it is possible to start painting a horse while it is still greenware (un-fired), painting on bisque just gives me better peace of mind. I begin by drawing out the pattern in pencil. A rubber eraser works best if I want to change anything (it doesn't smudge). I look at pictures of patterns before I start on any horse. Here I used a pattern my friend Lesli picked out:

Second- Masking. On this guy you will see a variety of possible masking materials. I don't quite know why I used so many on this piece- it is just the way it worked out. The green is saran wrap, the silver is foil, the blue is painter's tape (love that stuff) and the pale peach is masking fluid (for the finer details. I like the edges left by painter's tape- it often works to a nice effect when masking).

Third step- Painting! Starting light to dark, I airbrushed a number of underglaze colors here, painting the horse. I was careful to avoid getting too much chestnut color on the forelock, as I wanted it to be flaxen. All the light areas are left light through a similar avoidance. The grey muzzle and eyes were last, with a touch of black for contrast.

Forth step- All peeled! You can see there is much work to be done in terms of cleaning up the edges and shaping the cat-tracks, etc. All that is done with a combo of x-acto knife (I go through many blades!), typewriter eraser, and sometimes a bit of sanding with a sponge.

The fifth- More masking!! Okay- the edges are all cleaned up, yet I want to add a bit more color to his tail. I did this last so I wouldn't risk rubbing the tail while I worked on the body.

Sixth- A little more cleaning of edges to get the tail where I wanted it, and he was ready for another bisque fire! Even though he's been bisqued once, it was important to bring him up to the higher bisque temp again so that the colors would turn out as bright as they are supposed to be. He came out of the second bisque fire looking pretty much the same, except that the paint was set & less fragile.

Seventh step- Detailing. I tidied up those edges, got the areas I missed, and then I hand-detailed the eyeballs, hooves, chestnuts, and fiddled with his cat-tracks some more. Oh yes, and I painted his nose pink! Sorry no pictures of this...

Eighth- glazing. I sprayed him all over with pink glaze that becomes clear when fired. No picture of this step, but here's an approximation of what it looks like (thank you photoshop!):

Finally, the glaze fire. And praise the Lord, he's all done! Yay! Now to start all over again on another piece...!

The end.

Monday, November 19, 2007

New Website Design!

Yep, I thought it was about time I came up with a fresh, new design, so here it is! Not everything is quite working yet, but I wanted to debut my new Angel Ornament before it got too close to Christmastime! So without further ado- my new website. The new "Sales Arena" page with the Angel ornament can be found here. I will be taking orders on her, and the rest of the pins until December 1st. Ordering will then resume January 1st, as it gets too crazy trying to ship too late in December!

Please feel free to email me any thoughts or comments you might have about the new design. Until I get it finished, you may find links to a couple of the old galleries by scrolling to the bottom of the homepage.


Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sneaky peek...

Today I couldn't resist sharing a sneak peek of one of the soon-to-be-lotteried Jitterbugs! Yes, it seems an overwhelming 64% of you prefer lotteries as a mode of sale, so here we go! My goal right now- provided all goes well, of course- is to lottery off two Jitterbugs at the end of this month. I may only get one finished, but I am aiming for two. And for all those interested, I'm pricing them at $525 each, ppd/insured through UPS. I will be making an announcement on my Yahoo Group about the lottery when it goes into effect. If you are not a member of my Yahoo Group, I've placed a convenient link on the right hand side of my blog for your Yahoo Group joining pleasure.


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Back at the Track!

Finally made it back to Santa Anita today! I'd been hoping to go more often to sketch, but a 3-week stint house-sitting in another city got in the way a bit (but I got to take care of an adorable dog, so that made up for it!). Anywho, as I was leaving Clocker's Corner, I spotted an artist working on a big, beautiful painting of horses breaking from the starting gate. Her name is Kathy Pate, and she was wonderfully nice, and was happy to hear that I sculpted horses. She really made my morning- it is always nice to run into other artists who take an interest. I'd been brushed off by a few in the past, and it is heartwarming to know not everybody in the larger equine art world is like that!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I heart Terry Pratchett

Or at least his writing! Haven't met the man personally... I can't tell you how many of his books I've read- just about all I suppose, but not quite. Anywho, those who are familiar with his "Discworld" series know it contains a fabulous cast of characters. One of my favorites is a werewolf named Angua who is on the city night watch. Just today I came across a contest on Pratchett's publisher's site with a contest challenging fans to draw their favorite character. I couldn't resist, and thus I am submitting this sketch. I set out to make her rather tough looking- as this is the facade the character tries to maintain. Yet, she looks rather vulnerable in this drawing; much as official artist Paul Kidby usually depicts her. Guess that's the way she's meant to be...

Thursday, September 20, 2007

No Brain, Whatsoever...!

Somehow, somehow I managed to misspell my name while listing my auction. In the title of all places! Was it just another of 'those days' or am I ready to admit that I need professional help??


He's Up!

The first Jitterbug I have ever glazed is now up at auction on eBay! Yay! Hope y’all like his spotty (well, not too spotty- he IS a snowcap) goodness! And please bear with me, as I still haven’t got the pirateness of yesterday out of my system… ;)
Here's the Link!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Avast ye readers! If ye not be knowing th' international holiday I be celebratin' this day, then I'd be callin' you a right poxy landlubber! Arrrgh! Course 'tis much later in th' day than I thought I'd be gettin' this blog 'o mine up, but wi' me plunderin' an pillagin' an enjoying me rum, an swabin' th' decks, an enjoying a bit more rum, and suchlike today... aye, such a busy life, that 'o a pirate! So me scurvy mateys, I leaves ye wi' a teaser o' what's to come up on th' likes o' ebay upon the morrow. 'Tis none other than Captain Jitterbug the Snowcap!

Enjoy, me hearties, and Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day to ye! ARRRR!

Mad Bonny Adalee ;)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Clocker's Corner

Well, I made it to my first (since coming back to CA) morning workout at the track today to sketch horses and take pictures. It was a lovely morning- I'm thankful it has gotten a bit cooler here; that means fall* is just around the corner! I love crispy air... Anyhow, while it is still a challenge to me to capture those fast moving forms, I'm delighted that I can stand in probably the same spot at the same track Maureen Love used to sketch at, oh so many years ago. I figure if I keep up with the sketching, with any luck I'll be able to improve my eye-hand coordination and learn more about the anatomy of the animal I love to sculpt. Yay for morning workouts!

*Having lived in other parts of the country now, the word fall is a relative term. I don't think many places would consider what we have during the months of Sept-November to be "fall"...


Monday, September 17, 2007

Yeah, me too!

All aboard the blog bandwagon! Yes, this is me jumping into the fray of model horse blogdom. I saw many of my friends having fun and connecting with their customers in this new* and exciting way, and I thought, why not me too? After all, who wants to be the last one standing there on the roof? (Ala, "If all your friends jumped off...?"). So here it is- the Velasquez Artistry blog. All new and shiny. Just the way I like things... :) Speaking of shiny (as I often will), I've got something I am quite excited about in the kiln right now. If all goes well, he should be up for sale rather soon. I took a pic of him right after I finished his mane, as I thought it looked neat & contrasty. He's definitely not shiny in this picture, but think of it as fuel for your imagination...

*Okay, so blogs really aren't that new, but they are fairly new to me, and my slightly technophobish ways.