Friday, May 29, 2009

Martha, My Dear...

I happily present to you: "Martha's Mocha Chip" a claybody CM Jellibaby, who is finally all finished, and headed off to the NAN Auction! Yes, this little gal, with her coat color, reminded me of some kind of fancy coffee drink- just the sort of thing I would drink, if I liked to drink coffee (I'm more of a Tea Gal. Though the idea of cream and chocolate chips in a beverage sounds pretty yummy to me!). Okay, enough food talk. Here are some pictures for you to enjoy: (click to see bigger versions)

Happy Bidding!

-A :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

NAN Jelli!

Hey there, hi there!

Oh, I cannot believe May is going to be over soon! Yikes- this has been one busy month, full of delays and interruptions of all sorts. One of the things I delayed, was getting pictures up here of the claybody custom Jellibaby that is going to be in this year's NAN auction! Yes folks, I really meant to get these up sooner. I meant to be done with her sooner, but at least there are a couple of days left (I'm very close, Barb! I will get her done in time!). Anyhow, these are the pics I've taken & edited so far. I hope to have the shiny, final pic up within the next day or two, after her last firing. In the meantime, enjoy!

Almost finished claybody in greenware:

With masking, one layer of sprayed white, and hand-painted spots:



Happy fiddly scritching & erasing:

More to come!