Friday, January 30, 2009

A Pleasant Morning

Happy Friday! I'm very happy that I forced myself to get going early this morning, so I could go sculpt at the track. What a pleasant place to work! Well, it helps that I got to enjoy a warm CA winter morning. It was in the 50's when I took off on my bike for the track, but warmed up quickly to the 70's by the time I left. And such sunny clear skies... I am truly spoiled! Anyhow, good weather aside, the best part about working at the track was of course all of the live models! And handily enough, they run in both directions in the morning, enabling me to work on both sides of my sculpture. They move fast, but luckily there are enough horses out there to catch glimpses of the muscle groups I'm working on at any particular moment. Though today I was concentrating on getting the overall shape right, particularly the hindquarters. I know I have loads of work left to do on the legs & hooves- my TB's just aren't dainty enough! It amazes me just how refined they are... Anyhow, it is nice to have such a great source of inspiration nearby; I am very blessed. It's given me a good amount of enthusiasm to get it done. I'm starting to be able to see more shiny goodness down the road...!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

In Progress...

Happy Thursday, everyone!

Things are humming along in the studio, so I thought I'd share. I've got a handful of Jellibabies getting nearer to being glazed. This is the largest batch I've done so far, so I'm pretty jazzed! I can't wait to see how the colors come out (and I'm hoping that all of the techniques I'm using work!). If all goes right, I should have a batch ready to be offered on Monday, February 2nd (I didn't want to sell them on the 1st, as it is a Sunday). An announcement will be made on my Yahoo group, if all systems are go.

Pictured below the Jellibabies, is the slowly-but-surely coming along Thoroughbred! Yes, I haven't had as much time to work on her lately as I'd hoped- she still has a long way to go- but I plan on taking her with me to Clocker's Corner at the track tomorrow morning, to work on her as I watch the horses and see if that helps! I'm hoping to have at least one good epiphany to help get her going in the right direction. Okay- that's all for now. Back to work! :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jellibaby Announcement

Hi everybody!

Just wanted to let readers here know that the "official" Jellibaby announcement is being posted on the VelasquezArtistry Yahoo Group today! Click on the link for more details, or to subscribe. Thanks so much!


Thursday, January 1, 2009

It's a New Year Baby!

Fantastic 2009 to you all! I'm sorry I missed saying 'Merry Christmas' a week ago (but Happy 8th Day, to those who are counting!). I was a tad under the weather last week, and was just too exhausted to even turn my computer on by the time I got back from visiting the relatives (who were about in the same state I was!). Anyhow... Yes- it's a baby! A "Jellibaby"! I wanted to give her a candy inspired name, as I imagine I will be doing quite a few of these little gels, in a rainbow colors & patterns. She will be an all CM run, and I will soon be sending all of the details and better pictures to my Yahoo Group. This little pintoloosa darling here will not be one of the pieces I offer, as she already has a home, but as it is such a fun pattern to me, I'm sure I will be doing a few more pintoloosas in other colors. But first, there are more molds to make! Luckily, I have a rubber order on the way, so I should be able to get to them very soon. Then there will be lots & lots of little mini fillies! :)

So, love, blessings, and joy to you all in 2009. May you have a most shiny new year!