Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Still September Lottery!


Well, looks like my website composer is not cooperating, so the September Lottery pieces will be pictured here! First off- the rules:

1. One Lottery entry per person. You must be a member of my Yahoo Group to enter the lottery.

2. View the (5) pieces pictured below. You may try for as many as you would like. Items are listed A-E.

3. Email me your name, phone #, and the letters of the pieces that you are interested in. The winners of each random drawing will have the chance to purchase that piece. You may win *one* piece in this lottery. If your name is drawn for more than one, I will contact you and ask you to choose between them, and a new name will be drawn for the other.

4. The Velasquez Artistry Sales Policy applies to each item sold. I'm sorry, but I cannot take time payments at this time.

5. This Lottery ends Monday, October 5th at 4:00 PM PST! Email me before that date & time to enter!

Lottery Items:
Click for larger images!

A. "Fudge Stripe Brownie"
Not a Jelli! He's the adorable donkey foal sculpted by the ever talented Sarah Miniewicz-Breunig, produced by the stellar Pour Horse Pottery. I painted him a fun dun pinto color!
$450 ppd.

B. Jellibaby in Bay Appaloosa (#49)
This is the missing #49! She started as a red roan, but had her own ideas... Crazy scrtiching, spots, stripes... the works!
$195 ppd.

C. Jellibaby in Buckskin Sabino (#52)
She's got a pretty pattern with lots of fiddly bits! Very fun. Hand painting in her mane too...
$185 ppd.

D. Jellibaby in Silver Tobiano (#53)
You want a few cat-tracks with that?
$195 ppd.

E. Resin Jellibaby
If you would like to try for one of the remaining 5 unpainted Jellibaby Resins, list the letter "E" in your email! I will be drawing 5 names.
$50 ppd.

That's it! If you would like to enter, please email me using the address found in your VelasquezArtistry Yahoo Group announcement! Thank you!!!