Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Sweet for NAN

Wow, look at me- two blog posts in one day! I think that's a record for me, considering my track record when it comes to posting... Anyhow, I was thinking it might be fun to share the process behind the claybody custom Jellibaby I'm creating for the NAN Auction this year. Yep, I'll be contributing to the shininess this year! Anyhow, this little girl had a flaw in her pelvis region, so she immediately became claybody fodder. The stage you see now, I like to call "roughing out" the piece. It is not a pretty phase, but you begin to get an idea of what the final pose will look like. The clay is almost leather hard at this point, as I let it sit in the wet box some time after my first tweaks, and making sure the head would stay on*. The main changes I made were tucking the head, straightening out a front foreleg, kicking out a hind leg, and flipping the tail. So she's doing a sort of running/snarfy/kicky thing. You know, happy pony foal. She still has a way to go (actually, she is a bit further along than this, but I don't have a pic of that yet!), but I wanted to show you the start. Enjoy!

*A little saying I picked up from Joan Berkwitz- "It was fun until the head fell off."

Resin Run!

Yes, it's just about time to release the Jellibaby Resin Edition! There will be an announcement with all the nifty ordering details on Wednesday, April 1st (along with Ceramic Batch #5's debut!) on the VelasquezArtistry Yahoo Group. So soon there will be more Jellibabies out there for more people- plenty of itty-bitty mini fillies to take over the show halls! A stampede of sweets! And just think of all the colors you can paint her... That makes me smile. I'm still having fun painting all of the shiny babies, but I may just have to try my airbrushing skills on some resin Jellies. We'll see! It's pretty tempting... Anyhow, look for the announcement, and in the meantime, enjoy the above sample Jelli, painted by the wonderful Jenn Danza!

Nice and smooth... save the fuzzy bits!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Batch #4- Coming right up!

Happy Thursday, folks!

Coming to you live-ish from the Velasquez Artistry studio, here's a little update & sneak peek of Jellibaby Batch #4! Yep, they are getting ready to make their debut as their shiny little selves soon; hopefully on Monday (I can't believe the month's about half over all ready!). Here's an in-progress pic I took yesterday of the batch. I regret that there are but four again (had a little issue with one of the molds- it is solved now now. I think I've determined the problem to be "Daft me didn't strap the mold tightly enough". Easy fix, I surmise. Anywho, I'm going back to work now, so these babies will be ready in time. In the meantime, enjoy!