Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Jitterbug Lotteryness!


It's Tuesday again, so that means something else is happening with the OF Jitterbug edition! Today is the official start of the lottery! Yay! That means, if you are a member of the VA Yahoo Group, you can now put your name in for a chance to win the ability to purchase one of the remaining OF Jitterbugs (if you haven't already entered, of course)! Whew, I've got to get off this computer & back to work. All morning I've been posting everywhere I can think of about the lottery- I'm trying to get ahold of all of my customers, as my contact list is rather old & out of date! I'm still finishing the last few Jitterbugs this week (they take a long time with that crazy pattern! What was I thinking?!), so they'll be all set when I pull the lottery on the 23rd. I might just take a break for an hour or two though, as I woke up this morning feeling rather congested. That happened to me last week, so I rested for a bit, and it really refreshed me. Hopefully I can repeat that a second time! No time to get sick- too much to do! And hopefully soon, a new horse...? ;)

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