Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Still September Lottery!


Well, looks like my website composer is not cooperating, so the September Lottery pieces will be pictured here! First off- the rules:

1. One Lottery entry per person. You must be a member of my Yahoo Group to enter the lottery.

2. View the (5) pieces pictured below. You may try for as many as you would like. Items are listed A-E.

3. Email me your name, phone #, and the letters of the pieces that you are interested in. The winners of each random drawing will have the chance to purchase that piece. You may win *one* piece in this lottery. If your name is drawn for more than one, I will contact you and ask you to choose between them, and a new name will be drawn for the other.

4. The Velasquez Artistry Sales Policy applies to each item sold. I'm sorry, but I cannot take time payments at this time.

5. This Lottery ends Monday, October 5th at 4:00 PM PST! Email me before that date & time to enter!

Lottery Items:
Click for larger images!

A. "Fudge Stripe Brownie"
Not a Jelli! He's the adorable donkey foal sculpted by the ever talented Sarah Miniewicz-Breunig, produced by the stellar Pour Horse Pottery. I painted him a fun dun pinto color!
$450 ppd.

B. Jellibaby in Bay Appaloosa (#49)
This is the missing #49! She started as a red roan, but had her own ideas... Crazy scrtiching, spots, stripes... the works!
$195 ppd.

C. Jellibaby in Buckskin Sabino (#52)
She's got a pretty pattern with lots of fiddly bits! Very fun. Hand painting in her mane too...
$185 ppd.

D. Jellibaby in Silver Tobiano (#53)
You want a few cat-tracks with that?
$195 ppd.

E. Resin Jellibaby
If you would like to try for one of the remaining 5 unpainted Jellibaby Resins, list the letter "E" in your email! I will be drawing 5 names.
$50 ppd.

That's it! If you would like to enter, please email me using the address found in your VelasquezArtistry Yahoo Group announcement! Thank you!!!


Cynthia said...

All beautiful Jellis!

Mine's just arrived, BTW and she is stunning! I feel so lucky!

Adalee said...

Wonderful! I'm happy to hear! :)