Friday, April 25, 2008

Boxing Shire Up for Grabs!

Howdy, folks! I was thinking that I ought to let you see this guy first, and I have decided not only to do that, but to offer him to y'all first as well! Hot from the kiln earlier this morning, we have a Pour Horse Boxing Shire, sculpted by the talented Donna Chaney. I have glazed him to a rich dapple bay- another color I taken from my good 'ol copy of The Encyclopedia of the Horse. He's got lots of little details, including wonderful hooves with growth-rings and stripes, and some small fiddly sabino-ed areas around his white markings. I'm asking $225 ppd. for this guy- I accept M.O.'s, credit cards through PayPal, and checks from previous customers (see my Sales Policy for full details!). He will be listed only here until Monday (4/28), to give you readers first dibs. If you are interested, please email me at: Okay! Here are more shiny Shire pics for you to enjoy (click to see larger versions!). Thanks! Update- He has been SOLD! Thanks!

I am coming for you!!!


Sans Souci Studios said...

He arrived safe and sound at his new home today. I couldn't be more pleased, he is so, so, so beautiful!! I must have stood in front of the curio cabinet for an hour just looking at him. Thank you!!!

mel said...

Oh good! I am happy he got a good home. Isn't Addi's work scrumptious?! I love every piece by her I own!