Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bzzzt! Crack! Boom!

So last year when I was living in St. Louis, I experienced I don't know how many thunderstorms. They were as common as colds. Here in suburban So. Cal... not so common. That is why a sudden summer storm (which was forecasted for tomorrow, of course!), complete with pea-sized hail (hey- that's pretty big to us! Hail is also a rarity), and the requisite thunder and lightning... And it was some serious lightning. Midwestern lightning. You would think, all that time in the actual midwest, I would have seen lightning hit something. Nope; unless you count other clouds, and maybe the horizon. So I was absolutely shocked when I peeked out the bay window to see my neighbor's tree get directly zapped by a bolt! I must have looked at exactly the right time to see it shoot down the middle of the trunk and split the tree as it went. Took a good quarter of the large pine off- at least most of it landed in the street, though my neighbor's roof had some serious branches on it. Anyhow, that was my excitement for the day. Thought I'd share :)

Our "really big" hail:

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