Monday, November 24, 2008

Art Sale Schedule

Hi Wonderful People!

Hope your day is going along happily. At the moment it is nice & sunny here, but those bright and smiley weather people on TV say that it is going to rain for most of the rest of the week. Gasp! How will us Californians handle that? Luckily, I'm going to be curled up in my studio, finishing up the art sale stuff for the better part of this week (save Turkey Day, of course! Then it will be The Clean the House Before Company Comes and We All Go Batty and Oh, Bake Some Pies Too Marathon). But the real reason for this post was to share the schedule for the upcoming VA Fall Art Sale. I wanted to hold it at the end of November, but due to falling a bit behind (I am overambitious, yes), and realizing that the end of November was in fact a holiday weekend, I decided to push it back a few days. And thus we have:

Velasquez Artistry's Fall Art Sale!

Preview Day- Tuesday, December 2nd
(On the Blog- Items will be for sale- first come, first serve! M.O.'s, checks & Int'l orders will be accepted only on this day).

Sale Opens- Wednesday, December 3rd
(To General Public on Etsy- Domestic PayPal only)

Sale Ends- Wednesday, December 10th
(Any unsold items will be removed from Etsy)

Last Day of Shipping- Saturday, December 13th
(I don't want your items lost in the holiday shuffle!)

Okay, folks! That's basically it. If you have any questions, feel free to holler. I aim to have everything done on December first, but I just might not make it & have to list items after the 2nd on Etsy, so be aware. All righty, I wish everyone a very joyous and stress-free Thanksgiving Day. And what am I thankful for, this year? Why, just to name one thing- you guys, of course!


~Jenn Danza~ said...

Oooh, are those tree leaves I see in that pic? They look awesome!!!

Adalee said...

Yep! Gingko leaves! :)

Heather said...

And perhaps a rattie up in the corner? I adore your sneak peek....and the Ginkgo's look just like the ones falling all over campus at UCR but they are a pale, pale yellow. We do get some Fall colors here in Cali!
Can't wait for the sale...loving your work Addi!
~Heather W
Yucaipa, CA

Adalee said...

Yes, that's a rattie tile in progress! The ginkgo's around here are changing too- won't be long before the leaves are all gone!