Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Resin Run!

Yes, it's just about time to release the Jellibaby Resin Edition! There will be an announcement with all the nifty ordering details on Wednesday, April 1st (along with Ceramic Batch #5's debut!) on the VelasquezArtistry Yahoo Group. So soon there will be more Jellibabies out there for more people- plenty of itty-bitty mini fillies to take over the show halls! A stampede of sweets! And just think of all the colors you can paint her... That makes me smile. I'm still having fun painting all of the shiny babies, but I may just have to try my airbrushing skills on some resin Jellies. We'll see! It's pretty tempting... Anyhow, look for the announcement, and in the meantime, enjoy the above sample Jelli, painted by the wonderful Jenn Danza!

Nice and smooth... save the fuzzy bits!

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