Monday, August 17, 2009

Cold Painting Skills?

So... I got it into my head that if I was selling resins, maybe I ought to paint some myself. I used to paint resins- it was what came next after painting Breyers, before I got into ceramics (and everything else went out the metaphorical window). Back in the good o'l oil-painting, pre-airbrush days. I was actually building some skills there, before my world became shiny. Post-shiny, my few attempts at resin painting were rather feeble (I lost my oil abilities!), and really never were worth finishing. That noted, I was determined to do it differently this time. Because this time, I had 10 years of airbrushing experience under my belt! It ought to be good for something... And do you know what? It worked! I can airbrush resins! Well, before I sound too excited here, let me say that it is much more challenging than I thought it would be. That thin paint rubs so easily, I might as well be working in underglaze. And oh, that dreadful prep-work... I didn't miss it! But the end result, was rather nice. I especially liked the part where I was finished with it, and I didn't have to spend time glazing & firing it- just give it a quick mist of krylon. My mom's best friend let me experiment with the resin she had purchased, so I'm especially glad it worked out, for her sake. I also started a resin for myself (to sell), that's just about done, so you'll see final pics of her soon, though she is hiding in the first image below. I tackled this task in a very close manner to my ceramic work. It was different though, in that I weilded a paintbrush more than an x-acto! I've chronicled the process below, for those who are interested. I don't know that I will cold paint very often, but I must admit, it was a fun change of pace!

Unmasked!Fun with Pencils...
A little more paint, here & there...

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