Thursday, February 18, 2010

Back to Work

Hey there!

Ah, it's back to the studio for me, after a lovely weekend off! I spent my little holiday visiting my wonderful boyfriend and seeing some other fantastic friends up in the Olympic Peninsula area of WA. A truly beautiful place, if a little cold (for me) this time of year! But man, it must be Bald Eagle season up there, as we saw so many! One even flew over our car on our way out to the airport. Very fun! But now I'm back in my sunny studio, trying to get my mind focused once again on my minis. I thought I'd share a sneak peek of the "resins" I've been working on- they will serve as the models for my Toot Sweet resin advertising campaign. I say "resins," because the truth of it is, they are both ceramic pieces in disguise! I started painting a bisque mare before I received the first batch from my caster, Barry Moore (they came out looking great, by the way!). Her foal is actually the master from the Jellibaby resin run- she survived the molding process just fine, so I thought I'd clean her up & give her some color! The pics below show them still very much in-progress. I've decided to add some white markings & more socks and jazz them up even more as tobis. So, here they are- first with the base-coat, and the second pic shows more layers added:

Dapple enhance!

These pieces will eventually be auctioned off, once they are finished & I have the pictures I need. Stay tuned for updates on that & for news on the release of the Toot Sweet Resin Run!



Laura Dotson-Thomson said...

I wish those baldies would come back here. Last year, we had swarms of them (it was like a scene from The Birds) and it was amazing eagle watching. This year we went to the river and saw... maybe 6 flying total. Not cool. Oh well, maybe next year.
The models are looking good, btw.

Adalee said...

Wow! I didn't see any swarms myself, but just traveling around we'd see a couple eagles here and there (more than I'd ever seen before!). So glad you like the models!

Danielle Feldman said...

It's always been my dream to see one flying in the wild and I finally saw my first one a few weeks ago (we're in Illinois). How marvelous to see so many!

(And the models are looking great, BTW!)

Adalee said...

I saw my first wild one flying while in Illinois! Thanks for your compliments on the horses. They'll look even better once their manes get painted, I imagine!

mel said...

The park where I work is a popular nesting-material-collection spot for baldies; they don't nest in the park itself, because the water isn't deep enough to support big fish---which is what an eagle needs to eat!

But Washington state has prime eagle viewing places. People travel from far and wide to see the huge groups.

I personally prefer owls, but there is no doubt that eagles are impressive birds.