Thursday, February 25, 2010

Projects! Projects!

I'll readily admit- sometimes I bite off more than I can chew! There are just so many ideas to bring to life, so many ways to utilize my creativity, and so many people out there that I can assist with the talents I've been given! For example, tonight I'll be decorating a cake for an event the Arcadia Chapter of the American Red Cross is having. It's not going to be a too-crazy job; I'll just be adding some piping & "plastic flotsam" (as Jenn from the Cake Wrecks blog would call it!) to your basic sheet-cake. But yes, balance and time-management are things I need to work harder at. Along with all of the ceramic Toot Sweet stuff I've been working on this month, I've dabbled on the side in other things. I was staying with my mom's best friend Susan up in WA when I visited this month, and I brought her & her husband John this little Jelli claybody. My mom & I were visiting back in '08, when I showed them pictures of the almost finished Jellibaby sculpt. I vividly recalled John saying that she "would make a perfect unicorn," so that's what I made them, as a gesture of thanks for their hospitality (and boy, did they roll out the red-carpet! I felt like I was staying at a B&B with those omelets & blueberry pancakes...!). Here's a picture I took of the unicorn, which I believe they named "Luciee":

Another thing I was trying to get done (I succeeded!) by the end of the month, were a few more painted bonsai pots, for my neighbor & potter, Mr. Barrett. He's taking them to sell at a show this weekend, and I'm happy to say they turned out pretty well! I was in the mood for bugs and birds, I guess:

And I haven't forgotten the cold-painted Toot Sweet Resin sample! I'm still plugging away at her & her foal- it will be a few more days yet! But she's getting closer- here's a pic I snapped of this non-shiny pony, so far:

Okay! One last thing! If you read my Yahoo Group post, you'll know that I'm taking orders on my "A is for Adopt" poster (<-click the link for more info). $50 ppd. for a 16 x 21 Giclee poster , $25 ppd. for a 8 x 12 Giclee print. Email me at sales (at) velasquezartistry (dot) com if you are interested! Deadline to order is Friday, 2/26 at 6 p.m. PST, because the prints are on sale!

Whew! That's all the news I have to report right now. Back to work! (cracks whip!)



mel said...

Great Rings of Saturn, I am dying here! That wee unicorn! The chestnut Sweetie! The sparrows on the cache pot! Addi, please let me buy something!!!

Adalee said...

Hi Mel!

The Sweetie will be up at auction soon, and I'm sure Mr. Barrett would let me paint one of his pots for you! I'll be in touch... :)