Wednesday, May 5, 2010

May Means Mud Day!

Happy May, everyone!

Gosh, I didn't get around to posting anything in April, did I? Where did that month go? In any case, I'm happy to be well into the merry month of May now, because that means Mud Day is coming! For those of you who haven't heard, Mud Day is a benefit event for next year's all-china extravaganza, the Bring Out Your Chinas Convention! And as you can see above, we have a brand-spanking new logo for the show. Huzzah! I'm also pleased to announce here, the judges we have lined up for Mud Day's "Teeny Tiny Shiny Show"- a little all-china show for mini scaled pieces! Many thanks to these people for taking on the squintabulous task of staring at tiny chinas:

American Division:
Heather Wells

European Division:
Joan Berkwitz

Glaze Custom Division:
Tina Dils

Other Division:
Adalee Velasquez

Along with the Teeny Tiny show, we've got a day of fun planned including pin & tile workshops, a talk on European ceramics by Pauline Entin, food, games, and visiting fun! To find out more about the show, and to register, please visit the official webpage:

Hope to see you there! We still have a few spots left, so register soon!



mel said...

I am so jealous of everyone that can attend! This is going to be a fabulous day and I hope some kind person will take many, many images to share with us who must miss out?! Pauline's talk will be awesome, I just know!

Adalee said...

You will definitely be with us in spirit, Mel! I'll make sure that someone is snapping pics to share with y'all! This will be the first BOYC event with digital cameras being common... isn't that crazy?! I was still printing & scanning pics for the last one, in '05...