Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mud Day!

Good day, everyone!

Now that I feel fully recovered, I'm happy to announce that Mud Day was a success! Yes, we had a house overflowing with shiny ponies, good food, and happy faces! The support we received for this show was just spectacular. Many people lent a hand both the day before and during the show to get things moving smoothly, for which I'm very grateful! I'd especially like to thank my judges Joan Berkwitz, Christina Dils, & Heather Wells, and my speaker, Pauline Entin. We also had a number of prizes and goodies donated to the show- our main tile award artwork was done by Lesli Kathman, and other prize tiles were sent by Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig and Linda Dean. Tina Dils donated handmade charms & jewelry, and Joan Berwitz, Heather Wells, & Liz Holm were all generous with pins! And of course, all of the showers were wonderful for sharing their enthusiasm for shiny horses, and for the wonderful way they brought out their chinas! So, now a few more pictures of the day, for y'all to see. And I do hope to see all of you next year, for our even bigger shiny pony party, BOYCC!

Our Champion Award tile, with a tile by Sarah M-B!

Tina pondering all the little gray custom glazes...

Pretty in palomino!

A TB Pin by Kim Knight from our Pin Workshop. Lovely!



mel said...

What fun! I so wish I could have joined you all, but my plan is to be there next year, clinkies in tow! Congratulations on a wonderful event.

Adalee said...

Thanks, Mel! We sure missed you and look forward to seeing you and your clinkies next year! :)