Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Clocker's Corner

Well, I made it to my first (since coming back to CA) morning workout at the track today to sketch horses and take pictures. It was a lovely morning- I'm thankful it has gotten a bit cooler here; that means fall* is just around the corner! I love crispy air... Anyhow, while it is still a challenge to me to capture those fast moving forms, I'm delighted that I can stand in probably the same spot at the same track Maureen Love used to sketch at, oh so many years ago. I figure if I keep up with the sketching, with any luck I'll be able to improve my eye-hand coordination and learn more about the anatomy of the animal I love to sculpt. Yay for morning workouts!

*Having lived in other parts of the country now, the word fall is a relative term. I don't think many places would consider what we have during the months of Sept-November to be "fall"...


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