Monday, September 17, 2007

Yeah, me too!

All aboard the blog bandwagon! Yes, this is me jumping into the fray of model horse blogdom. I saw many of my friends having fun and connecting with their customers in this new* and exciting way, and I thought, why not me too? After all, who wants to be the last one standing there on the roof? (Ala, "If all your friends jumped off...?"). So here it is- the Velasquez Artistry blog. All new and shiny. Just the way I like things... :) Speaking of shiny (as I often will), I've got something I am quite excited about in the kiln right now. If all goes well, he should be up for sale rather soon. I took a pic of him right after I finished his mane, as I thought it looked neat & contrasty. He's definitely not shiny in this picture, but think of it as fuel for your imagination...

*Okay, so blogs really aren't that new, but they are fairly new to me, and my slightly technophobish ways.

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Hyn said...

Welcome aboard, Adalee - and what a way to get yourself started! Your clinky Jitterbug is a delight to behold in his glorious, contrasty mane! Are you doing a grey, perchance? I suppose we'll find out shortly. Glad to have you back among the clinky-folk, Adalee. Your work was missed!

Paige Easley Patty
Hanblechia Studio