Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I heart Terry Pratchett

Or at least his writing! Haven't met the man personally... I can't tell you how many of his books I've read- just about all I suppose, but not quite. Anywho, those who are familiar with his "Discworld" series know it contains a fabulous cast of characters. One of my favorites is a werewolf named Angua who is on the city night watch. Just today I came across a contest on Pratchett's publisher's site with a contest challenging fans to draw their favorite character. I couldn't resist, and thus I am submitting this sketch. I set out to make her rather tough looking- as this is the facade the character tries to maintain. Yet, she looks rather vulnerable in this drawing; much as official artist Paul Kidby usually depicts her. Guess that's the way she's meant to be...

Thursday, September 20, 2007

No Brain, Whatsoever...!

Somehow, somehow I managed to misspell my name while listing my auction. In the title of all places! Was it just another of 'those days' or am I ready to admit that I need professional help??


He's Up!

The first Jitterbug I have ever glazed is now up at auction on eBay! Yay! Hope y’all like his spotty (well, not too spotty- he IS a snowcap) goodness! And please bear with me, as I still haven’t got the pirateness of yesterday out of my system… ;)
Here's the Link!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Avast ye readers! If ye not be knowing th' international holiday I be celebratin' this day, then I'd be callin' you a right poxy landlubber! Arrrgh! Course 'tis much later in th' day than I thought I'd be gettin' this blog 'o mine up, but wi' me plunderin' an pillagin' an enjoying me rum, an swabin' th' decks, an enjoying a bit more rum, and suchlike today... aye, such a busy life, that 'o a pirate! So me scurvy mateys, I leaves ye wi' a teaser o' what's to come up on th' likes o' ebay upon the morrow. 'Tis none other than Captain Jitterbug the Snowcap!

Enjoy, me hearties, and Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day to ye! ARRRR!

Mad Bonny Adalee ;)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Clocker's Corner

Well, I made it to my first (since coming back to CA) morning workout at the track today to sketch horses and take pictures. It was a lovely morning- I'm thankful it has gotten a bit cooler here; that means fall* is just around the corner! I love crispy air... Anyhow, while it is still a challenge to me to capture those fast moving forms, I'm delighted that I can stand in probably the same spot at the same track Maureen Love used to sketch at, oh so many years ago. I figure if I keep up with the sketching, with any luck I'll be able to improve my eye-hand coordination and learn more about the anatomy of the animal I love to sculpt. Yay for morning workouts!

*Having lived in other parts of the country now, the word fall is a relative term. I don't think many places would consider what we have during the months of Sept-November to be "fall"...


Monday, September 17, 2007

Yeah, me too!

All aboard the blog bandwagon! Yes, this is me jumping into the fray of model horse blogdom. I saw many of my friends having fun and connecting with their customers in this new* and exciting way, and I thought, why not me too? After all, who wants to be the last one standing there on the roof? (Ala, "If all your friends jumped off...?"). So here it is- the Velasquez Artistry blog. All new and shiny. Just the way I like things... :) Speaking of shiny (as I often will), I've got something I am quite excited about in the kiln right now. If all goes well, he should be up for sale rather soon. I took a pic of him right after I finished his mane, as I thought it looked neat & contrasty. He's definitely not shiny in this picture, but think of it as fuel for your imagination...

*Okay, so blogs really aren't that new, but they are fairly new to me, and my slightly technophobish ways.