Friday, July 25, 2008

Summer Art Sale- Part 1

Hiya folks! Well, despite going to bed late & getting up early, it doesn't quite look like I'm going to make my exact deadline of noon today to start the sale, but hopefully, it won't be too much later! I always forget just how long it takes to edit photos and scans. Anywho, all my pictures are ready, so it is just a matter of posting them here & on my website. The sale will officially begin when I have the items up on my website, along with their prices- click the link below to check on the status:

But, since you were kind enough to check in here, you'll get to see what's for sale today first! That, and check out the give-away which I will be posting about momentarily. Without further ado, I present today's offerings (details and more detailed pictures will be up on my website!):

"St. Francis Basilica", OF Ornament ~ 2005

"Pine Nuts!"

That's all for now! Thanks!

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