Thursday, January 29, 2009

In Progress...

Happy Thursday, everyone!

Things are humming along in the studio, so I thought I'd share. I've got a handful of Jellibabies getting nearer to being glazed. This is the largest batch I've done so far, so I'm pretty jazzed! I can't wait to see how the colors come out (and I'm hoping that all of the techniques I'm using work!). If all goes right, I should have a batch ready to be offered on Monday, February 2nd (I didn't want to sell them on the 1st, as it is a Sunday). An announcement will be made on my Yahoo group, if all systems are go.

Pictured below the Jellibabies, is the slowly-but-surely coming along Thoroughbred! Yes, I haven't had as much time to work on her lately as I'd hoped- she still has a long way to go- but I plan on taking her with me to Clocker's Corner at the track tomorrow morning, to work on her as I watch the horses and see if that helps! I'm hoping to have at least one good epiphany to help get her going in the right direction. Okay- that's all for now. Back to work! :)


~Jenn Danza~ said...

I LOVE this sculpture! Its so gorgeous and streamlined. I hope you make a few in resin too. So beautiful!

Adalee said...

Thanks, Jenn!

She's got a ways to go, but I'm excited with how she's coming along so far. I may just do resin, if there's the interest!