Thursday, January 1, 2009

It's a New Year Baby!

Fantastic 2009 to you all! I'm sorry I missed saying 'Merry Christmas' a week ago (but Happy 8th Day, to those who are counting!). I was a tad under the weather last week, and was just too exhausted to even turn my computer on by the time I got back from visiting the relatives (who were about in the same state I was!). Anyhow... Yes- it's a baby! A "Jellibaby"! I wanted to give her a candy inspired name, as I imagine I will be doing quite a few of these little gels, in a rainbow colors & patterns. She will be an all CM run, and I will soon be sending all of the details and better pictures to my Yahoo Group. This little pintoloosa darling here will not be one of the pieces I offer, as she already has a home, but as it is such a fun pattern to me, I'm sure I will be doing a few more pintoloosas in other colors. But first, there are more molds to make! Luckily, I have a rubber order on the way, so I should be able to get to them very soon. Then there will be lots & lots of little mini fillies! :)

So, love, blessings, and joy to you all in 2009. May you have a most shiny new year!


mel said...

Love those wee mincing toes! That is one ofthe happiest babies I have ever seen---suitable for, 'ceptin' it's not a zoo born! Can't wait to get one!

Adalee said...

Thanks, Mel! I can't wait to paint more!

Addi :)

~Jenn Danza~ said...

She is gorgeous!!! Congrats!!!!

Adalee said...

Many thanks, Jen! :)