Thursday, February 26, 2009

Blog on a Blog

I was excited to get a mention on artist Jenn Danza's blog. She is cold-painting a bisque Jellibaby for me, for a very special reason, and I am very excited to see how she turns out! She's just at the primer stage right now, but also included in that article is a rather stunning dapple bay resin Jenn painted that shows off her super-painting skills! (Plus there's a porcelain bisque of her new rat, "Listen", for all you rattie fans!) Fun stuff! Back here in my studio, I'm feverishly trying to finish Jellibaby batch #3 (there should be four in this batch- about all I could manage as I'm still trying to play catch-up with my work, darn that cold!). But if all fires well, they should be done by Monday... and I'm thinking maybe an evening debut this time....

'Til then!


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