Thursday, October 22, 2009

Now back to work!

Happy Thursday, folks!

Today was the day I got back to work. It would have been yesterday, but I seem to have come down with a cold as I was winging my way westward, so I thought that bed was a good place to be instead. But that seems to have helped, as I'm feeling a fair bit better today, thankfully, and thus able to move around and do things. Things, like pour more Jellies to go with some mares... ;)

Speaking of mares and foals, here's a picture of the shiny Vixen and Imp I painted for myself, as I promised I'd share:

They are too much fun! Thanks, Lesli!

Okay, I know you are still wondering (because a few of you have asked), how I'm going to sell the previous two I painted. I have decided, due to the interest, to put them up on Auction Barn. I need to take a few more pictures, but I'll get to that very soon, and I'll post the link here and on my yahoo group when that's all taken care of! :)


mel said...

Aww. That is simply wonderful, Addi! I love the mare's contrast with her wee red colt, and wow, those are tiny dapples on Vixen!

I'm sorry you are sick---dratted airplanes---but I'm glad you are home safe.

Adalee said...

So happy you like them, Mel! It was fun getting to pick out the colors I knew I'd like!

Thanks for your concerns about my cold; I'm feeling a bit better each day!