Friday, October 16, 2009

Yes, I am working too!

Ahhh... a nice long work day! I'm beat, but seeing as I mentioned earlier that I would post more pictures of my projects, I thought I'd make an effort! I'm happy to say that I accomplished a fair bit today. I have one Vixen and one Imp humming in the glaze fire right now (the ones that will not remain mine... more to come on them later!), I am a little further along with my dapple grey (so many layers!), and I painted an Imp for myself today (a bright red chestnut with high whites and a blaze. I do love chestnut babies!). I forgot to snap pictures today, but I have one from yesterday- a peek into the kiln before we did a bisque fire. Enjoy!


Sans Souci Studios said...

Waiting breathlessly to see how you'll decide to sell these guys!! I'm excited to see how they'll come out.

ETCs_Lady said...

Me too! I SO want a chance at this pair. **swoon**