Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Resins are Ready!

Good Tuesday evening, folks!

Save a walk with my dog today, I've been at the computer all the live-long! Ugh! But I did what needed to be done... I shot, edited, cropped, color-corrected, color-corrected some more, and yes, just a little bit more, my models for the Resin Run photo shoot! And now I'm pleased to bring you this (click to see her larger):

Hurrah! The resins are finally ready to be sold! When will this first batch be offered, I hear you ask? Why, some time Friday. I plan on offering the 10 pieces I have, 1st come/1st serve from my Yahoo Group. They will be priced $120 ppd (domestic). So sign up, if you haven't, and stay in the loop! And what about those Resin Run models, I also hear you ask? (I'm hearing a lot today!). Why, they will go to Auction Barn, also some time Friday! But here's a sneak peek of them, for the curious. I've dubbed them "Toffee" & "Butterscotch" to go with their original candy-themed names!

That's all the news for now. Stay tuned for auction links- coming Fri!


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