Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring at Santa Anita

Hello, everyone!

I realize winter has been a bit harsher for the rest of the country- but even here it has been rather cold and rainy for a good chunk of the time! We had much more rain this year than in past years- but this was all good, as our droughty dessert conditions really needed it! Still, I'm very grateful that this weekend promises to be more spring like, after several in a row with rain; especially as I've company coming from a rather gray WA!

Walking my dog around the neighborhood, I've been enjoying our hints of spring- irises and daffodils are popping in neighbors' gardens, and one of my favorite flowering trees, the saucer pink magnolia, is now in bloom (it is nearly done, actually!). Last year I took some good close ups of this lovely plant, while over at Santa Anita. I came across them again recently, so I thought I'd share:

Seeing Santa Anita has got me thinking about my never-finished thoroughbred sculpture! I really hope I can pick her back up again soon- it has been so long! Part of the reason I stopped and set her aside was that I realized her proportions were off (and on a race-horse, that is not a good thing!). So, there's a lot of scrapping & re-working that will have to be done, before I can really progress on her. But maybe in a month or two, when I'm more caught up on my projects, I can pull her out again, and see what needs to be done!


Sans Souci Studios said...

Right now the only spring plant we have coming up here in VT is... rhubarb!

I'm dying for that sneeky peek blog post re the next batch of clinkies!! :-)

mel said...

That is the yummiest color ever. No, seriously, I mean it. Does anyone make a lipstick in exactly that?!

Adalee said...

Rhubarb? Hmm...! Anyhow, it is coming!

Adalee said...

I love the color too, Mel! I'll let you know if ever I see that shade... :)