Saturday, June 19, 2010


I was saving my 100th post for something special, as I noticed that it was coming up. And what better thing to announce, than my engagement! Yes, my boyfriend, now fiancé, proposed to me last month, and I accepted. We plan to wed in January, here in California. I will be moving up to WA after the wedding, and I will be taking his name (Hude - rhymes with Jude, rude, food, etc.) so this means some changes for me, and for Velasquez Artistry (I am considering changing my business name). I will apprise y'all of the details on that, as soon as I figure it all out! But rest assured, whatever my business is called, you will still see the same level of quality artwork from the new (and improved) Adalee Hude!



Kelly said...

CONGRATULATIONS Adalee!!! What a wonderful way to celebrate your 100th post!
Wishing you the best of luck for your new life together :o)


Danielle Feldman said...


Adalee said...

Thanks so very much, guys! I am very excited. :)

Becky Turner said...

Congrats! m a bit behind on my bog reading was very happy to hear the happy news and your moving to washington! where? I hope its near me Id love to meet you.. I have no other sculptor friends or artist friends at all in my area.. Im in stanwood.. about 50 mies north of seattle.. I hope your moving someplace near by... anyways.. congrats!
Rebecca Turner