Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hearts a Flyin'

Hello friends,

Well, there's been a lot going on over the past few days! A tidal wave of love is rushing to the East Coast, in aid of collector and friend, Melissa Gaulding, and her husband Herman. Herman is bravely battling cancer, and to help pay for the rapidly mounting medical bills, Mel is selling her much-beloved collection of beautiful chinas. well, there was no way those of us who know and love Mel (along with many who don't know her), were going to sit idly by as she struggled with this financial crisis, so quite a number of hearts joined together in common purpose, and out of this came the Flying Heart Fundraiser! Artists and collectors from all over are donating finished horses, unpainted resins, paint jobs, jewelry, tiles, time, money & more to benefit Mel and Herman. Heather Malone-Bogle has graciously set up a website to compile all of our efforts. The link can be found here:

I will be soon donating a small horse to add to the list. Mel is very dear to me, so I am glad I can help out a little here. I hope to do more in the future. I'm working on a custom-glazed Pour Horse Collier that I want to finish in the new matte glaze some of us artists have been experimenting with. He will be roan- one of Mel's favorite colors! I will also be glazing a few of the terra-cotta tiles that artist Sarah Minkiewicz-Breuning is working on. More details on those items to come! In the meantime, please visit the fundraiser site and find yourself something fun to buy or bid on to show your support. You can also donate directly to Melissa, if you desire. Thanks so very much- and blessings to all the generous hearts who are participating in this endeavor!


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