Sunday, June 20, 2010

Somethings Sweet...

Okay! Here are the sneak peek pics for the upcoming Toot Sweet batch! Yes, I finally got around to taking and posting these- it has been a busy weekend (and Happy Father's Day to all- and a special shout out to my own dear dad!). There will be just 2 in this batch, but man, they are power-packed with details galore! There's a whole lot of fiddly stuff, hand painting, and the likes, in these two gals (plus both of them have cat-tracks!). These are pre-glaze in-progress pics, so the finished horses will look a little different. When will they be sold, I hear you asking? Why the plan is sometime Tuesday- tune into the Velasquez Artistry Yahoo Group for the official announcement!

Thanks folks, and have a great week!


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